These are courses that are offered in astrology as workshops, group sessions, weekend sessions and to interested individuals.

Kerala Prasna (Horary) Astrology

Kerala Kavadi Prasna popularly called Horary astrology is taught from basics to detailed analysis of prasna relating to theft, marriage, health, job, travel, business, wealth, relatives, devata, doshas and a lot of other topics. In addition to theory, a detailed case study based approach is primarily focused to make actual practice easier.

Jyotisha Chart Astrology

Will cover from ganitam (chart preparation) to detailed analysis of charts. This ensures that students can prepare birth charts, and also analyze charts, based on planetary position, desha kal and associated factors.

Tantric Conch Shell Astrology

This is a subsidiary subject in Dravida Mantrikam of Vama Tantra. Kali sadhana and diksha is part of the study. The affected planet, and problem is identified using a Conch shell. The remedies in Dravida Tantra method are also taught. Hence this study involves tantra diksha, sadhana, and prayoga as well, in addition to theory of Conch shell astrology.

Porutam (Marriage Compatibility) and Muhurtam (Timing Events)

Kerala astrology gives stress not just on Nakshatra porutam, but also looks into Papa Samya, Dasha Sandhi porutam, Navamsha, and other factors of health, progency, and lasting relationship in checking compatibility for marriage. Determining Timing for events is taught relating to business, other endeavors, home, family functions and other key events, which are to be properly analyzed with birth chart and planetary positioning.

Focused Topics

Courses are also offered on focused topics targeting beginners and practicing astrologers to expand their knowledge on specialized subjects like Spiritual Astrology, Health Astrology, Remedies in Astrology, Nimitta/Shakun Astrology and Numerology

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