First Initiation

As part of the first initiation in Srividya, usually at least three dikshas are involved before teaching Tripura Siddhanta and giving mantra diksha. The first is Shambhavi Diksha, second Shakti diksha, and then Mantri diksha is done, which involves Kalashabisheka of the aspirant. Then the aspirant changes from his wet clothes, to new clothes and comes back for the next set of activities in initiation process, which involves several nyasas, and cleansing steps. Some of the steps are done by blind folding the aspirant, while some can be seen by aspirant. Then Tripura Siddhanta is taught to the aspirant, followed by few other steps before giving the Gurupaduka mantra, and Mula mantra of Ganapati and Bala. This is the just minimal outline of first srividya initiation.

Need for Krama diksha

Many try to follow the one mantra-one devata system without understanding its implications in tantra. While one mantra – one devata approach helps in focus and invoking Bhakti, it can result in negative rather than positive results when the mantra-devata or approach followed is not aligned to the aspirant. The quest for moksha with one mantra- one devata, could bring financial problems and health issues to self or dear ones. That is why Tantra Paddhatis like Srividya, follow a Krama sadhana approach to align with maturity of aspirant and focusing on right conditions for spiritual growth. Not just in Srividya, even when approaching Goddess from destructive side through Kali, it is suggested to follow Tantra Padathi with Anga-Upanga Devatas like Dhana Kali of wealth, to ensure the aspirant does not keep facing obstacle in progress.

Not a business

Unfortunately even if the ritual part is ignored, still modern Gurus don’t even convey Tripura Siddhanta during initiation. Most just give mantra upadesha and not even diksha, to avoid getting any karmic burden of shishya. The diksha in Srividya and mantra upadesha is done in stages. It is also to be performed as prescribed in scriptures with Kalasha and puja. Many have started mantra upadesha as an online business or group/individual event, without following any of the requirements considered mandatory in Srividya Tantra system.

“Srividya krama diksha will be offered to only those who have studied the Free Srividya Classes at Srividya Tantra Peedom for at least a year, and demonstrated the pre-requisites for a stage of diksha, as taught in the free classes”

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