These are courses that are offered in Vaastu as workshops, group sessions, weekend sessions and to interested individuals.

Vedic Home/Apartment/Plot Vaastu Shastra

This is a detailed course, which covers topics from plot selection to the positioning of rooms and items within rooms. The doshas that can arise from incorrect positioning and remedial measures will also be taught.

Commercial & Industrial Vaastu Shastra

Based on the business establishment and the activities performed by various departments, the positioning of rooms is taught to get best results. Basic topics are also covered to ensure, this can be taken up as an individual course without studying domestic Vaastu.

Kerala Vaastu Vidya

The measurement method, the layout of house based on direction it faces, and some of the regional practices followed are unique to Kerala Vaastu Vidya. This course covers the basics from Vedic system which is accepted in Kerala and the unique methods in Kerala Vaastu Vidya.

Feng Sui

With growing popularity of Feng Sui in India, this has become part of Vaastu Shastra course curriculum. Rather than accessories for positive energy and remedies, Feng Sui also has theoretical study on how the house is to be organized. This course takes a detailed coverage on Feng Sui, beyond just using accessories of Feng Sui.

Focused Topics

Courses are also offered on focused topics targeting beginners and practicing Vaastu advisors to expand their knowledge on specialized subjects like Temple Vaastu, Religious Vaastu, Remedies in Vaastu, Astrology in Vaastu and Vaastu Tantra with Yantras and Puja.

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