Vaastu Consulting

Online and In-person Vaastu consulting will be offered on weekends. Need to book appointment in advance, so that it does not conflict with class timings. Online can be using video conference if you want to interact face to face for a specific time slot or using whatsapp messages.

Remedial Vaastu in Construction

Guidance on remedial measures in case of Vaastu dosha.

Selecting Plot

Guidance to check if the plot has any doshas and suitable for home/business.

Checking Home/Apartment

Guidance to check if the house/apartment has any doshas and suitable for stay.

Checking Business Establishment

Guidance to check if the business establishment is fine from Vaastu perspective.


Guidance on the arrangement of rooms and in case of interior design, the arrangement of items in room.

Simple Remedial measures

Remedies as placing yantra, doing puja/homa, placing objects based on Feng Shui, and other suitable remedies which does not require structural re-work will also be given.

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