Tantra Sadhana

While the two streams of Srividya Tantra Puja and Srividya Tantra Yoga are offered to aspirants for free, there are courses that are offered as workshops, group sessions and to interested individuals for a fee. These courses for which fees is collected is for aspirants, who are part of some other sampradaya, or have specific requirements on what they want to learn or have some other reason due to which they are not interested to take the longer Srividya route for moksha that is offered without collecting any fee.

These courses include:

Puja/Homa of a specific Devata

Learning puja/homa of Shulini Durga, Maha Sudarshana, Kali, Shasta, Ucchista Ganapati, Aghora, Pratyangira, Varahi, Swarnakarshana Bhirava, Sarabeshwara, Narasimha or some other Ista Devata.

Puja/Homa of a Group of Devatas in a Paddhati

Learning puja/homa of Dus Mahavidya, Nava Durga, Asta Bhirava, Sapta Matrukas, Navagrahas, Pancha Varahi and Nityas.

Special Tantra Kriyas – The following tanra kriyas are also taught like Vaastu Bali, Preparing and Energizing Custom Yantras, Puja of Naga Devatas, Pitru Bali, Pitru puja, Tilak Havan, Guruthi puja, Pitru Dosha Shanti, and Badha Uchadan.

Tantra Yoga Sadhana of a specific Devata

Anatarika puja of a specifc Ista Devata, covering the entire sequence of peeda puja, moorti puja, manasa puja and samarpanan within the body of the sadhaka without external accesseries.

Tantra Yoga Padathi

Inner Tantra Sadhana of Desha Mahavidya as a group in Srividya; Yoga Sadhana of a specific Srividya Lalitha Parivara Devatas – SrividyaRajni, Matangi, Ashwarooda, Sampatkari, Varahi, and Pratyangira; and Vidyas like Maha Yaga, Nabhi Vidya, Navanga Sadhana. Aspirants’ maturity and background will be checked before teaching.

Limited study of a specific puja/yoga which is part of detailed free course

There are some pujas, homas and yoga sadhana which can be taught to support learnings acquired by a sadhaka in another sampradaya already practicing Srividya. Like Bala puja to a person already doing japa, Para prasada to a person who is already a tantra yoga instructor, etc.

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