About Srividya
Tantra Peedom

Srividya Tantra Peedom based in Kerala, India was formed with the goal of imparting knowledge on Srividya Tantra to earnest aspirants without seeking any monetary contribution from aspirants, and offering it as a service to Goddess Rajarajeshwari.

As expounded in Mahanirvana Tantra, Kularnava tantra and several other scriptures, tantra is the most effective path for Self Realization in current Kali Yuga. Srividya Tantra Peedom attempts to open the doors for everyone irrespective of financial status, religion, gender, or other bias, the opportunity to learn Tantric Moksha vidya of Rajarajeshwari.

Srividya Tantra Peedom teaches and publishes content on the Bhakti, Gyana, Kriya and Charya side of Srividya in its Youtube, Insta and Facebook accounts, to help Srividya Sadhaks all around the world. Kundalini tantra being the crust of Srividya is taught in Srividya Puja and Srividya Yoga classes, ensuring the Bhakti, Charya and Gyana side is combined in the Kriya. The significance, inner meaning and other aspects of each step, are taught from various angles to ensure a complete coverage. Each shishya is given individual attention, whether learning online or in-person. They are guided to the next level of sadhana only based on their progress on the techniques learned and practiced.

Srividya Tantra Peedom classes follow a Gurukul based approach, where aspirant has to demonstrate what is taught before proceeding to next level. Hence commitment to achieve spiritual progress is the only return expected from the Shishyas of Srividya Tantra Peedom.

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