Jyotisham Consulting

Online and In-person Jyotisham consulting will be offered on weekends. Need to book appointment in advance, so that it does not conflict with class timings. Online can be using video conference if you want to interact face to face for a specific time slot or using whatsapp messages.


Compatibility for marriage, based on chart analysis will be done. Will check in details based on Nakshatra porutam, Papa Samyam, Deshasamdhi dosham, Navamsa and Rasi analysis of chart, and considering factors of long term relation and progeny.


Timing of events, can be checked and advise given to have best results in the endeavor.

Chart analysis

Will check birth charts to help in resolving financial, business, job, education, family and other issues.

Kerala Prasna

Will use horary astrology to find solutions to problems that are not evident from the birth chart, which can be due to various factors including events that happened after birth.

Tantric astrology

In cases where, prediction is blocked due to Aruoodam, the use of tantric astrology based on Dravida tantra of Kali will be used to assist with a solution.

Custom preparation of Birth Chart

Preparation of birth chart, will also be done. This being a time consuming process, for proper analysis, need to check for availability.

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