About Guru
Jithesh Sathyan

Jithesh Sathyan (Yugānandanātha) is the Guruji at Srividya Tantra Peedom. Guruji has studied Kerala Tantra and Srividya Tantra under different Gurus and Sampradayas. He is proficient in Kerala Dakshinachara, Dravida Kaula-Vama, Misrachara, Vedic and Samaya systems of Tantra. His main Guru is Brahmasree T.D.P Nambootiri of Mantra Vidya Peedom, under whom he learned and practiced Tantra puja/homa, Jyostisham and Vastu vidya. Guruji has been involved in teaching and practicing tantra for many years. He has students across the globe. Guruji has anchored and supported several temple events like Pratista (Installing devata in temple), Sarpa puja (Puja to snake deities), Pitru Sradham (Mass event for Ancestor Offering) and Utsava (yearly festival related) puja, in addition to Maha puja and Maha homas organized at homes and temples.

Guruji is a certified Jyotisha Rishi from AIFAS. He has studied jyotisha and prasna astrology at Mantra Vidya Peedom and from few traditional Acharyas. In addition to study of Vaastu Vidya at Mantra Vidya Peedom and Vaastu Vidya Gurukulam, he also got certified as Vastu Shastracharya and Ank Jyotishacharya from AIFAS.

Guruji studied Kalari and Yoga at Panikar’s Kalari. Guruji is also a certified Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho – Healing Today, USA and ordained healing minister of World Reiki Ministry. He is also certified in Advanced Pranic Healing. Guruji is also certified as Past Life Regression Therapist by American Hypnosis Association.

Guruji has got krama diksha in srividya, has performed puraschara for sadhana of Srividya devatas as advised by Guru and also got poorna diksha. While studying under various Tantrics, Guruji also had the opportunity to learn Siddha yoga, Dravida Jyotisha, Hamsa Vidya and several other vidyas which are taught by Gurus only to eligible Shishyas and not usually offered anywhere as courses.

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