Kerala Tantra

keralākhyamataṃ caikaṃ kāśmīraṃ tu dvitīyakam |
gauḍasaṃjñaṃ tṛtīyaṃ syānmataṃ tu bhāvanāvidhau ||
ādau tu keralaṃ devi śuddhaṃ sarveṣu sammatam |

Shakti Sangama Tantra
(tṛtīyo bhāgaḥ, sundarīkhaṇḍaḥ,tṛtīyaḥ paṭalaḥ)

There are three Matam/Sampradaya (doctrines/traditions) of Tantra in Hinduism. They are Kerala, Kashmir and Bengal tradition. Kerala Tantra is Suddham (Sattvic/Pure) and its practices are considered acceptable across the masses.  – Shakti Sangama Tantra (also mentioned in other Agamic texts as the three main streams of tantra in India).

Srividya tantra as practiced by Kerala Brahmins is the methodology followed in Srividya Tantra Peedom. This approach is predominantly Dakshinachara. Vamachara and Mishra systems of Srividya is also popular in Kerala. Dravida Kaula system, blend of Kashmir or Gauda system with Kerala system, Vedic system and modifications to base systems, are some of the other Srividya tantra variants in Kerala.

Kerala tantra holds a significant position in Indian Tantric tradition. It is also the least documented and most secretive of the three traditions. Detailed explanation on the differences in the three popular Tantra sampradayas of India is given in Shakti Sangama Tantra – Sundari Khanda.

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