Srividya Tantra Puja
(All Classes/Sessions are Free)

A systematic approach is followed in Srividya Tantra Peedom to ensure aspirants learn and make spiritual progress in their sadhana. A brief outline on the teaching methodology:

Laghu or Shorter version of Puja and Homa

Ganapati Homa, Shiva Puja, Durga Puja, and Kali puja is taught first so that aspirant gets a good base on doing puja and homa at home, for others or in temples without assistance.

Sadhana and Laghu Puja of Srividya Devatas

Bala, Srividyarajni, Matangi, Varahi, Ashwarooda, Sampatkari, Pratyangira, Lalitha and Shodashi sadhana and puja is taught next, to ensure the aspirant makes staged progress, experiencing the benefits of each Devata sadhana in srividya.

Detailed Avarna Puja (Saparivara Puja)

– Detailed avarna puja is then taught of the Srividya Devatas, including Navayoni Padma puja of Bala, Navavarana puja of Lalitha, and more depth avarna puja of Shodashi.

Detailed Maha Homa

Detailed Maha Ganapati Homa, Aghora Shiva Homa, Srividya Lalitha Homa, Maha Pratyangira Homa and others are also taught based on interest of aspirants as part of staged progress in Srividya sadhana.

Internal (Antarika) Puja and Homa

Experiencing the divinity within is also taught, after the aspirant becomes comfortable with external rituals and shows maturity for worshiping the devata within. This ensures that the benefits from external practices, does not limit the sadhak in his/her pursiut to explore the inner divine. Detailed antarika puja including puja of inner chakras as the Avarnas of Sri Chakra is taught.

The coverage is not limited to bahya (external) and antarika (internal) puja/homa. Mantra sadhana, Prayoga, Purascharana, and even the details of how to give Srividya diksha at various stages, including preparation of various Kalasas for Diksha will be taught.
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