Puja Homa Yantra

Remedial pujas and homas will be done at Srividya Tantra Peedom. This can be attended in person, or by joining virtually from the convenience of home with web video conference. Custom yantras are also prepared for wearing, placement at home and for use in business establishments.

Pujas (Join In Person or Virtual)

Dosha Santi puja with be done covering Durga puja (remove troubles), Kali puja (remove dosha from enemies), Kameshwari puja (to get desired result), Uma-Maheswara puja (for desired partner and remove problems in family life), Pratyangira puja (remove negative forces), Pitru puja (to remove Pitru dosha), Ganapati puja (to remove obstacles), Tripura Bala puja (to get good results in exams), Navagraha puja (desha kal or planetary dosha), Naga puja (to pacify sarpa dosha) and many others based on problems being faced, and remedy identified with astrology.

Homas (Join In Person or Virtual)

Several homas are performed as remedial measures. Mrityunjaya homa (for relief from illness), Ganapati Homa (remove obstacles), Swayamvara Parvati Homa (to eliminate delays in marriage and get desired partner), Durga homa (to win in disputes), Ucchista Ganapati homa (to win court cases), Lakshmi homa (for prosperity), Sudarshana Homa-Aghora Homa-Shulini Homa-Pratyangira Homa (to remove various types of negative energy), Tilak Havan (to remove Pitru dosha), Navagraha Homa (for graha dosha shanti) and others are done to address problems being faced.

Custom Yantras (for wearing and placing at home/business)

Custom made and energized yantras for a specific person/establishment for a specific purpose are very effective compared to generic printed yantras. Custom yantras like Varahi yantra (to protect from enemies), Mrityunjaya yantra (to stay healthy), Sudarshana yanta (to bring luck and eliminate misfortune), Tripura Sundari (to be successful in endeavors), Swayamvara yantra (for attraction and marriage), Bala Yantra (for protection of kids), Tara yantra (for fame and influence), Mahalakshmi yantra (to attract wealth), Vidyarajni yantra (for excelling in arts) and others are custom made, to address problems being faced.

For puja/homa, you will have to attend either in-person or virtually. We will not blindly collect amount and say it was done, as your participation is also important to quickly get the desired results.

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