Quelques témoignages d’élèves à travers le monde

Hariton Liuksiala, Finland

For a Christian, Indian Tantra may seem like a jungle of nonsense. However, it is an adventure towards a rich, original and radical view on God and life. I would recommend to take a walk on the wild side and explore it. God is great.

Soenita Laloe, Holland

200 years lost knowledge, because my ancestors became a trade of the English and Dutch - I´m back to the roots. Thanks to Guruji - Jithesh Sathyan Ji, I have found the lost knowledge. I´m so thankful.

María Inés Dumucet, Argentina

I was told ' what you are searching for is searching for you' and fortunately was true. Who could imagine I could receive all this knowledge here in Argentina , in my own house? I only have words of gratitude for this miracle that I am living and has transformed my whole life.

Dr. Lakshmi Hayagirivar, Chennai, India

My thirst to learn kerala tantra and sreevidhya finally quenched by Guruji. Really felt blessed and amazed by the amount of micro level crystal clear information that we got in every class. He is not only a teacher but a real master and guide. In my perspective only very few blessed people will get a chance to learn from him.

Ashima Jain, New York, USA

I was yearning and searching for a Guru who can guide me and help me to understand the basics of Sri Vidya, and help me to deepen my meditation and Sadhna. The divine Mother heard my prayers and I found Jitheshji. The teachings resonated deeply with my interests. It helped me to learn the right vidhi and also brings lots of energy while doing the sadhana. I have no other words than Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude . I have been growing in my devotion and a feeling of being close to Divine Mother.

Dr. Subajanane Jeyanthan, Sri Lanka

It is a blessings to get a good Guru like Jithesh sathyan Ji for learning this supreme Tantra Vidya who is teaching Tantra Vidya to all aspirants who are genuinely interested to learn, and not by cast or gender differences. Thank you guruji .

Deepa Sreedharan, Malaysia

Guruji has created a systematic and step-by-step approach of teaching Kerala tantra via his online classes which allows us to practice and incorporate this centuries old knowledge into our hectic lifestyles with ease.

Darshan Lal, Sydney, Australia

Unbelievable... knowledge, yoga and personal growth without a cent. Rare is this find. Genuine and exemplary is Jiteshji and a committed teacher and professional.

Ashok Kumar R V, Singapore

As it is said ‘when the soul is ready, the master appears’, Sri vidya has chosen me finally after 15 years of search and Tapas. Guruji is wonderful and a gifted teacher, he has a very deep knowledge, lot of resources and tantric techniques to guide and lead everyone of us to attain a heavenly status and to invoke the super power within us. This is what I have longed for and finally my prayer calls are answered. Thanks Guruji.

Dr. Rishi Manivannan, Coimbatore, India

Blessed to be a receiver of knowledge from a selfless Guru such as Acharya Jitheshji. In this era where spiritual knowledge is being exchanged for material wealth, it is a wonder to come across a Master who seeks to selflessly spread true knowledge for the upliftment of the collective consciousness.

Vignessh Ayyappan, Arizona, USA

Thanks to Guruji, Shri Yugānandanātha's generosity for making SriVidya Tantram accessible to everyone. I was initially overwhelmed, but Guruji's way of imparting knowledge corresponding to Shishya's stage of progress has helped me greatly. Each day of SriVidya Tantra Puja and Yoga practice is a step closer to Shri Rajarajeshwari.

Praghathiswaren, Malaysia

I like the way the classes are conducted here. The way of teaching is such that I am able to grasp the knowledge quickly and easily understand. The process of teaching suits my style of learning, thanks to guruji.

Radhika Menon, Calgary, Canada

I cannot believe how fortunate I am to have Yuganandanathaji as my Guru! I love his traditional gurukul style classes with the modern online format. My life has changed since taking Guruji’s classes and I am eternally grateful to him.

Dr. Sree Chaitanya, Bengaluru, India

A well organised and structured curriculum in Srividya tantra by a powerful lineage currently led by our guruji yuganandanatha, which will lead aspirants to supreme yogic spiritual experiences.

Manjunath Narayan, Atlanta, USA

Jithesh Guruji's systematical process helps me to learn the Pooja and mantras easily. Submission of videos on regular basis helps us achieve perfection on each and every procedure. With many volunteers taking multiple practice sessions help me . I am so fortunate to be guided by my Guruji.

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